Kate Solbakk

About us

Katelyn Solbakk is originally from Ontario, Canada. She graduated from Lakehead University in 2014 with an HBASc in Environmental Sustainability. While in university, she worked as a research assistant analyzing protozoa and diatoms in natural freshwater biofilms, which sparked her interest in microscopic life. She came to Norway in 2013, where she joined Kristian Ormset and Berit Swensen at VitalAnalyse, looking at microorganisms in agricultural soil and how human activity can impact them. In 2016, she received support from Levende Matjord to create a series of ten soil life illustrations. After finishing the commission she continued to create more drawings and eventually expanded to include pond life as well. The illustrations have been used in various workshops, events and publications. In 2019, Katelyn decided to start Mikroliv in order to focus more exclusively on microscopy and art.

For commissions, licences and other inquiries please email post@mikroliv.no.

Tux Solbakk helps with the day-to-day management of Mikroliv and is available by phone if you have questions in Norwegian.He also works as a professional software developer and maintains the mikroliv.no website.

Do you want to analyze your own soil?

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Microscope guide - English
Microscope guide - Danish