Kate Solbakk



The information here is intended to give you a general idea of pricing for custom made artwork. You can use these guidelines to get a feel for what the project you have in mind might cost before you reach out.

Once you have contacted me with your idea we'll have a more in-depth discussion about it. After that, I'll send you a written estimate of the commission fee which includes all of the relevant details about the project to make sure that we both have a clear understanding of what we can expect from each other. Once we have both agreed on the price and all the details, that document will serve as a contract for the job.


All commissions start with a flat rate of $100 to cover basic expenses as well as initial communications and planning. The total price for a given project is based on the complexity and scope of the project among various other factors.

Below are some examples of estimated price ranges for different types of commissions, with the flat rate included. Please note that there can be cases where commission fees may be above or below these estimates.

Prices are listed in USD.

Ink (No Background)

Ink drawings (no colour, no background): $200-500.

Can be made using either digital or physical ink, using line drawing and/or stippling techniques.

Full-Colour Illustrations

Full colour Illustrations: $500-2000

Hand-painted digital illustration of a subject with either a simple background (eg. abstract colours or gradient), or in a detailed environment, or something in between.

The price will vary depending on the number of subjects, and the complexity of both the subject(s) and scenery.

Diagrams / Infographics

Diagrams / Infographics: $350-1000

These can vary significantly depending on the complexity, and how much research, discussion, and revision is needed.


Licensing is priced separately based on the context and commercial expectations for the project. A license for personal use is automatically included with all commissions for no additional cost. The specific terms of the license will be included as part of the commission agreement document.

Commercial license fees range from the hundreds into the thousands depending on the scope, exclusivity, and expectations for the project.


A deposit of 30% of the total commission fee is required once we have agreed to go ahead with the project. The deposit represents a mutual commitment, secures your place in my project queue, and covers initial costs.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, even if the project is cancelled, since it covers the time and resources I used to initiate the project.

You will receive an invoice for the remaining portion of the fee once the project is complete.

Payment Options

I accept payment via online banking, PayPal, or Vipps. I will send an invoice for the deposit once we have agreed to go ahead with the project, and a second invoice for the remaining amount once the project is complete.

How to Begin

If you're interested in a commission, please send an email to post@mikroliv.no and tell me about your idea!